About me

Independent Illustrator and Graphic Designer, based in Bulgaria, Sofia, with solid experience in great variety of projects, teams and clients.



The world is а diversity – perceivable and unperceivable. I am eager and curious each day to seek, observe and contemplate, explore, experience and rediscover this diversity. Each cell, human, creature, matter, form and structure carry within itself a particle of uniqueness and have the right to be what they are, in symbiosis with the whole. Each individuality carries its own potential, meaning and purpose. And when the interaction between all this occurs, then the magic happens. A whole set of communication units, contradictory or in dialogue. All this pulsating network of interconnections and contrast truly inspires me. Each single moment in this is unique. It is wonderful when a person has the senses to see it and the joy to understand it.

Through my artistic creation, I want to challenge the perception to the real. To provoke the imagination and to propose a new point of view. I want to engage in a dialogue between the spectator, and me, through which I can hint the idea of the existence of opportunities in this diversity called the “world.” Imagination, creativity and intellect are what helps to see the existence of these opportunities and to learn to perceive beyond the obvious, to assume the inadmissible. When we are more observing, conscious and receptive, we would conduct our own worlds more properly. It is not a coincidence that I am a fan of the Surrealism movement. By itself, it allows expression and flight of the subconscious in any sense. And the path to the subconscious is the difficult but sweet revelation and realization of the truth in every person, the point of his unique essence. In my opinion, this is also the foundation of creation of “Art” – the revelation on the path of revealing our own essence, directed towards the things that excite us.

In a purely human aspect, the quality to perceive, use and analyze more consciously the different and unique in „the other“, can provide the foundation for mutual enrichment, complementarity, mutual help, strength, motivation, progress and unity.


  • Fine Art
  • Illustration
  • Creative Visual Concept
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Icon Design
  • Retouching
  • Flash animation
  • Project Management



New Bulgarion University
Bachelor, Graphic Design
National School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
High school, Fine Arts



Creative projects and initiatives, mastering innovative instruments inherent to modern visual communication – illustration, graphic design, ambient advertisements and fine arts, different forms of experimenting and imagination stirring;
Developing charitable, social initiatives through art projects;
Start Up Projects – Looking for cooperation & development on fine art,  graphic design, illustrations and their application in the product industry;